An Introductory Talk: The Soul Speaks to Us Through Dreams

The Liphe Balance Center
Weston, CT
Friday, June 7, 2019

7 PM - 9 PM

Cost: $20

Often we experience the Soul's call through a crisis, a death, divorce or another kind of loss. The Soul comes through the crack in our protective armor very often through our dreams as a lost child, a stranger knocking at the door or a wild creature like a lion running after us.

Join us in our introductory talk on Friday evening and/or as our experiential workshop on Saturday afternoon where we will work recent dreams to show the deep understanding and alchemy of the process of Archetypal Dreamwork.

We’ll explore the inherent conflict between the Soul rising in us and our own ego which is determined to keep us ‘safe’ from the feelings which can free us. The conflict is the necessary tension field between the two forces of opening and remaining closed.

In this workshop Christa and Marc will show us what can happen when we heed the call of our Soul. What will open up if we face our own feelings and recognize the lost child as something in us, allow the stranger to enter into our house or turn and face the lion in all our terror.

Feel free to bring a recent dream or two, typed up. We will show the process of North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork using some of your dreams!

Please call or email Barbara to reserve your space:
203.912.2791 or