Submit A Dream

Our intention is to give you a felt sense of the framework of Archetypal Dreamwork, how we look for the spiritual and emotional openings and also for the ways we block through our old patterns of defending against old hurts. For many years we have worked with people and their dreams, helping them to see the gift the dream offers them. There is always a golden thread to follow, from the frustrations and obstructions of the present, down into the hidden pools of deep feelings, the feelings that relate to our most core essence, the essence of our Soul Self.

The dream always meets us in our most immediate point of need, which is not always the place our ego would go first! Sometimes, to resolve our present predicament relating to love or work, we have to journey through other layers to uncover the felt sense of our heart's desire. Change can then happen, from the inside out, often quite miraculously, with the Archetypal love and support from the figures in our dreams who are the bearers of this extraordinary consciousness. Each dream nudges us closer to knowing our incandescent Soul. And what a journey it can be if we are willing to be honest and self reflective to see our part in the theater of our own lives. It takes courage to step onto the warrior's path and look within, first at our own shortcomings, so that we can learn and grow, and then deepen into our core nature.

If you would like to understand a dream of your own, through the lens of this paradigm, we are more than glad to gift you a felt reflection of both the promise and the challenge of the dream teaching. If our reflection strikes a chord with you, we are also happy to offer a fifteen minute consultation via phone or Skype for a small fee of $25, with no obligation. We simply wish to give those who are seeking this kind of inner depth work an opportunity to step towards it and know more of how the process works. 

So, feel free to send a dream, current or recurrent. We will bring our combined sixty five years experience to the response. Bear in mind, please, that were we in a session together, the experience of the process would be deeply collaborative, in a way that a written response cannot. We invite you to take what resonates with you, or challenges you, what touches your heart or Soul, and leave what does not.  We look forward to receiving your dream.

With warm wishes, 

Christa and Marc